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Why Legalease

Quality Legal Outsourcing - The LegalEase Advantages


  • Increase your efficiency. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week. Use the time difference between India and the United States to your advantage to increase your turn-around time and meet deadlines.

  • Reduce your cost. Increase in-house capacity and associate level support without increasing headcount.

  • Reduce the need to work overtime or hire temporary lawyers who require infrastructure and management.

  • Increase your market penetration with lower blended prices for standardized services while maintaining high standards, efficiency and reliability.

  • Reduce the need for spending time on research and writing, freeing up more time for client development activities or other more profitable work.

  • Reduce the need for overheads like infrastructure for temporary lawyers, the management of their time and making hiring decisions solely on temporarily increased workloads.

  • Let us be your virtual associates and reap the benefits of legal outsourcing while tapping the intellectual capital of the world.