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Using LegalEase Solutions under time intensive pressure


A mid size law firm finds itself faced with the task of summarizing nearly 5000 pages of depositions in 3 days. They do not have the resources or the management to complete the task efficiently while maintaining a high standard of quality.


The Managing Partner of the firm contacts LegalEase Solutions to undertake the daunting task of summarizing 5000 pages of depositions in 3 days

LegalEase Solutions draws upon its resources and sets up a 24 hour work force. The depositions are obtained in soft copy and evaluated. LegalEase then prepares the following

  1. Identifies the number of resources required to complete this task
  2. Allocates the depositions among the resources ensuring that the integrity of each deposition is maintained and not to piecemeal any one deposition
  3. LegalEase prepares detailed instruction memos, standard templates based on the client requirements and sample summarizations prepared by a very experienced US attorney
  4. Keyword lists and a copy of the trial brief is distributed to all attorneys to familiarize themselves with the case and the task
  5. Two shifts are set and all work is reviewed for content, formatting and organized into the final deliverable


LegalEase Solutions prepares the summarization for over 5000 pages in under three days for the client to review. The summarization has been prepared as per the firms standards of format and quality.