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Using LegalEase Solutions to reduce cost and increase efficiency when conducting a multi-state survey


A large Fortune 500 insurance provider is faced with the task of conducting a 50 state survey to research states that have enacted statutes establishing requirements/limitations with respect to the termination of insurance agent contracts (e.g., notice), or which provide for post termination payments of any kind. These issues required the discussion of the following

  1. State Statutes
  2. Applicable case law in each state
  3. A State by State breakdown of the findings


The legal department contacted LegalEase Solutions detailing the requirements for the survey, the budget and the time limit under which they needed the survey to be completed.

LegalEase Solutions mobilized its teams to complete the survey within the designated budget and time


Using LegalEase Solutions, the insurance company reaped the following benefits;

  1. Savings of over $15,000 on a single project
  2. 25% of what might have been charged by their law firm
  3. Efficiency savings of 75% on the time turnaround for the project