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Using LegalEase Solutions in tandem with your outside counsel to maximize efficiency and lower the cost of legal research and writing


The General Counsel of a Fortune 500 Company has been directed to lower the company’s legal costs. The GC finds legal outsourcing as a viable option to lower legal costs and work within a budget, while maintaining high quality work. However, the GC still requires the services of a reputable outside counsel.


The GC recommends to its outside counsel that it uses the services of LegalEase Solutions and pass on the savings to the company. The outside counsel would be responsible for delegating certain types of legal work (legal research, first drafts of pleadings) to LegalEase Solutions and reviewing and revising such work.


The outside counsel remains ultimately responsible for the quality and accuracy of the services performed. Moreover, the outside counsel is not threatened by LegalEase Solutions, as it continues to lead and manage the litigation. The company reaps the following advantages by using LegalEase Solutions:

  1. Realize cost-savings of legal outsourcing without severing ties to outside counsel
  2. Quick turn-around time on legal research and writing
  3. Allow outside counsel to retain control of final work products while being charged significant lower rates for certain types of legal work.