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LegalEase Solutions assists in Litigation Victories

LegalEase Solutions assists in Litigation Victories

Sole practitioner Jason Gower, Esq., recently partnered with Legalease Solutions to achieve a major litigation victory for his client, Cheri Gomez, a Michigan day care owner. Two licensed, professional day care assistants were caring for six children when a toddler managed to exit the back door to a neighbor’s house. A complaint was filed, and only days later the State Department of Human services announced that Gomez’ business, Emily’s Playmates Day Care, would be shut down and its license revoked.

With the help of Legalease Solutions, Jason Gower was able to get the decision overturned. Gower cited the facts that the offending employees had been fired, that Gomez had an exemplary eight-year record of providing quality day care, without incident, that she has earned awards for excellence in day care, that numerous families came to her defense, and that the State had made a hasty, uninformed decision to revoke Gomez’ license, without adequate investigation. A Bay County Circuit Court Judge agreed, and Gomez has now been given the go ahead to resume her day care business.

Legalease Solutions also scored a recent victory in federal court. A prominent, Michigan civil-rights attorney teamed with Legalease Solutions to appeal a District Court decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Convinced by the appellate brief, the Circuit Court overturned the lower court and remanded on one of the major issues in the case.

Legalease Solutions has continued to take on a wide variety of projects this month including support of a case likely to reach the US Supreme Court. In a litigation support project, a major, Detroit law firm involved in a large, class-action suit against the government called upon Legalease solutions to review and index thousands of medical discovery documents. Legalease Solutions has also produced legal research memos this month for clients needing answers on diverse topics ranging from whether an Ohio court has jurisdiction to modify a spousal support order to how a client can get an extension of the time to file for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court. Legalease is also working on a motion to dismiss counterclaims in a Pennsylvania contract dispute.