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LegalEase featured in PR News

Today at the Livonia offices, LegalEase Solutions LLC announced immediate availability of new, cutting-edge services that are enabling lawyers and law firms to take advantage of the best new services in the legal community at a fraction of the cost. LegalEase Solutions LLC announced that E-Discovery is now available for attorneys. There are two distinct advantages of E-Discovery. One, it can be potentially more revealing than paper documents by including off the cuff, candid remarks contained within e-mails. Two, electronic data is often embedded with “metadata” which states when they were created, modified, accessed, and by whom. This can be crucial information to a case. LegalEase Solutions LLC now offers this complex service to each of its clients at a discounted rate.

A second new service is one that LegalEase Solutions LLC intends to offer to its patent attorneys. We now offer “Prior-Art” searches. This search is customarily completed before filing for a patent. These searches are used to help an inventor decide if his invention is novel before committing the resources to obtain a patent. These searches also may be used to invalidate existing patents. The usefulness of these searches is that they help an individual determine how much an invention is really worth. These searches are normally long, and above all costly. LegalEase Solutions LLC offers the same quality prior art searches for a fraction of the cost.

LegalEase Solutions LLC is proud to announce the third new facet to its operations: Deposition Summarization. With the recent completion of over five thousand pages of deposition in three days, LegalEase Solutions LLC is happy to entertain many more offers of deposition summarization from law firms and lawyers in preparation for trial. These services can be done very affordably, or at a flat fee.

LegalEase Solutions LLC was founded in November 2004, with the mission to help lawyers and legal departments cut costs, increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. The company has clients throughout the Metro Detroit area and in 12 states nation-wide and has offices in Livonia, MI, and Chennai and Cochin, India.