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LegalEase Solutions has combined technology with superior legal research and writing services to provide premium attorney support services, flat fee legal products, contract management software, and more. With over a decade of experience providing thousands of law firms and corporate counsel departments across the United States and Canada with the expertise and convenience they need, when they need it.

The LegalEase LawStore was uniquely designed to ensure that attorneys can find the exact legal product or service they are looking for, be it a motion to dismiss or a criminal appeal or a research memo. Attorneys can buy blocks or even individual hours of premium attorney support services and use them across multiple projects. Attorneys can order the precise product they need from the LegalEase LawStore, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The LegalEase LawStore has become the go-to resource for law firms and corporate counsel when they need something done fast, efficiently and at a standard of quality that is non-compromisable.

We have taken the trouble of staffing for law firms and corporate counsel and reduced it to a few clicks. The convenience of using the LegalEase LawStore is unmatched.

Attorneys can count on the LegalEase team to institutionalize the knowledge they gain from projects to ensure that each client is provided with the same style that they are used to and format they require.

The LegalEase team will provide the expertise attorneys need to research and write a compelling brief, memo or appeal. Our clients speak to the LegalEase client service attorneys to detail out their requirements, specify the deadline and then only finally review the finished product for changes if any.

The LegalEase LawStore has revolutionized the way attorneys run law practices and LegalEase has emerged as a partner and a brand that attorneys can trust.