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The following questions and answers will help you better understand our legal support services.

  1. What is LegalEase Solutions LLC?

    LegalEase Solutions LLC is a Michigan based limited liability company that provides legal support services exclusively to US attorneys and legal departments. Its services include legal research and writing, preparation of trial and appellate level briefs, document review, drafting of pleadings and business documents, administrative support services, and more.

  2. What type of legal support services can LegalEase provide?

    While LegalEase offers a variety of legal services such as legal research, document review, preparation of trial and appellate level briefs, drafting of pleadings, patent and administrative support services, it is committed to finding the right solutions for your practice or legal department. LegalEase’s support model is capable of delivering high quality products at low cost resulting in savings of up to 50-70%.

  3. Is LegalEase's practice confined to any one jurisdiction within the United States?

    LegalEase's practice is not confined to any one jurisdiction, and its clients come from all parts of the United States, Europe and Asia. Its professionals have access to online legal research tools such as LexisNexis and Westlaw that give them the ability to research law throughout the United States.

  4. How is quality controlled at LegalEase?

    LegalEase's commitment to providing high quality work to its clients is binding. It has a 4 level quality check process in place. LegalEase offers its clients a complete money back guarantee if they are dissatisfied with its services. LegalEase has all legal products go through two levels of quality checks by attorneys before they are submitted to clients.

  5. How does LegalEase protect confidential information?

    Confidential information is protected at all levels. LegalEase signs a binding confidentiality agreement with all its clients. LegalEase’s attorneys have signed binding confidentiality and non-compete agreements as well.

    Moreover, upon clients' request, all information submitted to LegalEase can be cleansed of any proprietary information and all information is transferred via secure encrypted protocols.

  6. Do you conduct conflict checks?

    Yes. LegalEase’s standard procedure is to perform conflict checks before taking on any assignments. In addition, its attorneys are contractually bound to perform conflict checks before undertaking any work. Additionally, LegalEase strictly maintains a conflict-checking database for quick and easy reference by its attorneys.

  7. Is the work product of LegalEase covered by the attorney-client privilege and the attorney work product doctrine?

    Yes. The attorney-client privilege encompasses any work performed by LegalEase’s attorneys. US Federal and State court decisions have concluded that the attorney client privilege is not waived when confidential information is passed by an attorney to members of his or her support staff, including law clerks, paralegals, secretaries, and law students, for purposes of rendering legal counsel.

  8. How long does it take to get a project completed?

    LegalEase completes all projects well within the time agreed upon by the client and the LegalEase attorneys. 

  9. In what formats can you deliver the project?

    LegalEase’s standard procedure is to deliver completed work products in Microsoft Word format. However, it can format the work products to suit clients’ specific needs.

  10. Will you provide copies of the authorities cited in your research?

    Yes. LegalEase can provide its clients with a shepardized list of cited cases with all legal research and writing assignments, in addition to any completed work products.

  11. What types of online legal tools do LegalEase’s attorneys have access to?

    LegalEase’s attorneys have access to online research tools such as LexisNexis and Westlaw and also to a wide range of other online resources. In addition, its facilities maintain a variety of legal publications, and the collections continue to grow.

  12. Are clients charged separately for use of online tools?

    No. LegalEase charges a flat rate and never bills its clients separately for the use of any legal tools or other resources.

  13. How does LegalEase charge for its services?

    LegalEase charges an hourly rate for its services depending on the turn around time and the type of work. LegalEase will discuss its fees with the client at the outset of any project, and will give the client an estimate as to the time involved.

  14. What are LegalEase's billing procedures?

    LegalEase’s standard billing procedure is the payment of 100% charges up front. However, LegalEase is open to customizing its billing procedure for large volume projects or process based work.

  15. How are projects submitted to LegalEase?

    All projects are submitted via email, or through its online project submission forms provided by LegalEase.

  16. What is your service guarantee?

    If clients are not 100% satisfied with the legal product they receive, LegalEase will return the money or will redo the work to clients’ satisfaction.