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Elite Documentation

Welcome to the exciting world of LegalEase Elite!

Say hello to the Ask-a-Lawyer tool, the latest legal technology guaranteed to take your law practice to greater heights. The Ask-a-Lawyer tool automatically collects your client’s questions. We then take those questions and answer them for you. Just sit back, relax, and when your client asks a question, the Ask-a-Lawyer tool handles it all.

How does the Ask-a-Lawyer tool work?

Your client’s question goes to our secure server, where our attorneys will sort them by jurisdiction and practice area. All research is done by qualified attorneys who use state-of-the-art legal research databases to procure relevant information. By the next business day, you will receive a thoroughly researched answer! All you need to do is review the answer before you choose to publish it.

The Ask-a-Lawyer process flow

Step 1 : Activation

1. To get the Ask-a-Lawyer tool up and running, you’ll need to add just 2 lines of the Ask-a-Lawyer tool’s code onto your law practice website.

2. If you’re not sure how to insert the code, we’ll help you out.

3. Getting us to insert the Ask-a-Lawyer code onto your page? We’ll need:

  • Access to your website
  • FTP credentials
  • Related material

4. Once the Ask-a-Lawyer code has been activated, it will show up as the Ask-a-Lawyer tool on every page of your law practice’s website!

Step 2: Question harvesting

1. Your website visitor asks a legal question on the Ask-a-Lawyer tool

2. The question is directed via email, and copied to you, to a LegalEase attorney

3. Our LegalEase attorneys will research and draft a relevant answer according to practice areas, jurisdictions, and other question qualifiers

Step 3: Answering

1. Within 24 hours, a LegalEase attorney will have the legal research ready as an answer, for you to send to your client

2. You will receive an email with the draft answer for review

3. Once you have reviewed the answer, you can publish. If you’d like, we can publish the answer for you.

4. We then publish the required answer for the legal question by emailing your client, and copying you on it. That’s all!

Terms & Conditions

1. Your first 3 questions are free! You’ll need to pay a nominal fee per question after you use up your 3 free questions.

2. The Ask-a-Lawyer tool will remain active on your website, even after you use up the first 3 free questions. Unless you’ve purchased additional support, we can’t answer the questions.

3. Once your Ask-a-Lawyer tool’s subscription expires, you will need to remove the tool’s code to disable the widget.