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Using LegalEase Solutions to make an informed decision as to when the assistance of outside counsel is required


A large Houston based drilling company, was recently confronted with a situation where three long-time senior-level executives had accepted offers of employment with a competitor drilling company. The company did not have an employment contract or a noncompete agreement with any of the three executives but did have a confidentiality agreement signed by the three employees. The General Counsel needed, within a short time span, information on what remedies were available, if any, against the departing executives, before deciding whether to engage outside counsel.


The General Counsel asked LegalEase Solutions to prepare a memorandum on what remedies the company may have against the departing executives. LegalEase Solutions, within three days, prepared an advisory memorandum detailing the various remedies that the company had, and the strength of each remedy, respectively.


The memorandum prepared by LegalEase Solutions, provided the General Counsel with an efficient and affordable tool with which he made an informed decision as to whether litigation was an appropriate response, and if so, what type of a legal team to assemble. The company reaped the following advantages by using LegalEase Solutions:

Increased capacity to deal with an important legal issue, without involving outside counsel
Quick turn-around time on needed legal