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Using LegalEase Solutions to offer affordable legal services to those who need it the most.


A renowned civil rights law firm in Detroit, Michigan represents a U.S. based non-profit charitable organization which provided humanitarian relief to poor nations throughout Africa. All the assets of the nonprofit were seized by the US Dept. of Treasury based on mere speculation that the nonprofit was related to a separate organization allegedly engaged in improprieties. The federal district court upheld the freezing of the assets, which decision the law firm wishes to appeal. The law firm is stretched for resources and cannot prepare a competent appeal without outside assistance. Moreover, as the non-profit’s assets are frozen, the law firm is working essentially without pay.


The law firm turned to LegalEase Solutions’ Appellate Practice to handle all aspect of the Federal Circuit Court appeal. LegalEase, after thoroughly informing the law firm on all the procedural requirements for the appeal, went ahead and prepared all the filings for the appeal, including the appellate brief and joint appendix. At all times, the law firm was involved in giving input and reviewing all filings.


The law firm was able to mount a strong appeal to the district court’s decision without stretching itself too thin on resources, and without incurring significant costs, all the while keeping the hope alive that the nonprofit would regain access to its funds to continue its charitable work. Among the advantages reaped by the law firm by using LegalEase Solutions:

  1. Law firm gained the benefits of an appellate practice without actually adding any personnel or incurring significant costs
  2. Law firm realized significant cost-savings of legal outsourcing and was able to pass some of it onto its client
  3. Appeal filed with minimal time commitment from law firm personnel, without relinquishment of law firm’s control and direction
  4. Quick turn-around time on legal research and writing without draining law firm’s resources