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About Us

Who we are

  • LegalEase is a specialized legal research and writing company serving attorneys, law firms and legal departments across the US and beyond since 2004.
  • LegalEase is run by some of the brightest young minds in the legal and business professions. Humility restrains us from saying more.
  • Based in Michigan, with a pan US, Canadian and UK presence, we are able to support all your legal research and writing and legal support needs with accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

What we do

We delve deep into law and legal precedents to produce high quality legal research at a great cost that saves you time and money. And it’s all just a click away on our innovative Lawstore @

Our legal support services for solo law practitioners, law firms and corporate counsel include

  • Legal Research and writing on US and International Laws
  • Multi State legal Surveys
  • Tracking of laws and legal Regulations
  • Appellate Services
  • Preparation of Pleadings and Briefs, Complaints and Motions
  • LegalEase has extensive experience in Criminal law research, Business law research, Divorce law research and Family law research to name a few.
  • We are also experienced in serving industries and specialized verticals including asbestos litigation support, contract management, forensic loan audit support, insurance, realty, securities law, financial services and veterans affairs support.

We can also do

LegalEase can refine your workflow by making efficient your repeat processes like the preparation of briefs, memorandums, contracts, motions, reviews, contract processes and other legal documents. This lowers your cost and frees up your law firm to focus on growth and profitability! Now, how often do you come across a paralegal support firm that can actually make that happen?

How we do what we do

  • Leading legal databases including Lexis Nexis, Westlaw and Walters Kluwer aid us in supplying you with excellent law work products.
  • Our experienced and efficient legal team of attorneys, have gone through focused training specifically on legal research and writing (lots of bouquets and brickbats over the years) to be the finest in the market.

Why us

  • We’ve been around a long time and we know our stuff. Our 10th Anniversary is about a year away!
  • Studies show that law firms spend 85% of their budget on rent and personnel. Our unique 24/7 online availability can help you slash those costs dramatically.
  • Outsource a bunch of legal support tasks to us, and you just might be running your law practice with the profits you envisioned.
  • We have some of the most affordable pricing plans in the legal industry that include associate time en bloc and flat fees.

How good are we really?

  • We hate to blow our own trumpet, but people can’t resist awarding us! We have won 4 awards in the past 5 years.
  • We have been featured in leading publications like the Economist, Newsweek and MSNBC and have been invited to speak at Bar Association CLEs, law schools and conferences.
  • Here's what some of our clients saying.

Want to know more?

You can call us or email us with your needs and we will get back to you soon! We respond within 24 hours but if you are in a hurry, you can simply select and order directly on our, one of a kind Lawstore right now. It's that easy!